Original image from CBCBy Lori Law

About a week ago, a movement began in Quebec, to provide for a welcome to Syrain refugees, some of whom will be arriving before the end of the year. It began among a group of knitters who wanted to provide a warm welcome to Quebec, where ‘the only true enemy is the cold’. The idea of 25 000 Tuques was born. It’s a mighty goal, a toque for every refugee coming to Canada, but knowing knitters as I do, it’s not unattainable. I expect the goal may be surpassed. Because knitters love to knit and a cause is even more reason to knit. The concept is not new – there is a long history in Canada and globally which involves knitting for humanity, most notably during WWs I and II, but there are many examples of knitters coming to the aid of many over the years.

The idea was picked up on by CBC and before one knew it, there were 50+ groups gearing up to knit or crochet toques all across Canada.


From the Facebook group started by Danielle L├ętourneau grew a website called 25 000 Tuques. http://jdussot.wix.com/25000tuques#!25000tuques-infoen/j4ucs

The concept is simple – knit or crochet a hat, drop it to a drop-off location or mail it to Montreal (addresses provided here http://jdussot.wix.com/25000tuques#!drop-off-point/lock2). Please note : The request is for the hat to be handmade, not storebought as there are other organizations collecting storebought items. This is a knitters movement.

Use any yarn, any hat pattern. A list of suggested pattern websites is available here – http://jdussot.wix.com/25000tuques#!blank/jo2mx/Tag/Patterns.

For those of you who would like to contribute locally, I’ve set up a Facebook page for Bruce Grey Huron here –
https://www.facebook.com/25000tuquesbgh Please check this page for more info and like us to follow along! We’re in the process of setting up a few evenings for knitting fellowship. Drop-off locations will be announced. Final drop off will be Dec 12th at Teeswater United Church in Teeswater, between 11 and 3. There will be cookies and coffee.

Let’s knit!

** UPDATE! **

Knit night announcement! If you would like to come out and knit up your hats as a group, please join us at the Teeswater Town Hall on Friday Dec. 11 from 7-9. Please bring a snack to share, coffee and tea will be provided. Small cash donations will be accepted towards the rental costs for the hall. Hope to see you there!