1. Introduction
Mildmay-Carrick is a pleasant, family-oriented and growing community, known for its unwavering sense of community pride. With a population of 3,400 citizens, Council and staff work together to ensure residents, business owners and visitors enjoy a prosperous community that encourages the best of rural living.

Recreation opportunities, facilities and the quality of the local environment are often the foundations of community pride. Our community’s recreational facilities and programming are essential in maintaining our strong sense of community, along with attracting and retaining residents and visitors to our beautiful town. The Mildmay-Carrick Recreation Complex (MCRC) was built in 1977 and serves as the hub of our community and is the primary destination for all community events.

2. Mildmay Recreation Complex – the Renovation
The Mildmay-Carrick Recreation Complex will continue to be a place to promote fitness, fun, health and well being for all. The renovated complex will contain, among other elements, the following:

  • An expanded front entrance/lobby
  • Second level heated viewing area
  • An elevator to the second level
  • Barrier-free washroom on both levels
  • Main level viewing area to ice surface
  • Accessibility for all people
  • Donor recognition

3. Benefits of Recreation – the Need
Today, our society is more aware of the importance of a health lifestyle; we have the resources to pursue regular and leisure activities, which has resulted in a larger demand for activities to enjoy.

Local Statistics
Grey-Bruce was found to differ significantly from the province as a whole on several key health indicators:

  • Over half (55%) of Grey Bruce residents have a BMI (Body Mass Index) that classifies them as overweight or obese, compared to Ontario’s 47%
  • Occurrences of cardiovascular disease is higher than the provincial proportion (34.1% vs 31.2%)
  • Nearly one in four (24.1%) Grey Bruce residents 12 years and older are heavy drinkers
  • Occurrences of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is 53% higher
  • Occurrences of stroke is 52% higher
  • Hospitalization for all causes is 39% higher

Recreation opportunities for our youth provide positive lifestyle choices and alternatives to self-destructive behaviour. Recreation provides leadership opportunities which in turn builds strong families and a strong community.

4. Cost of Renovations
The success of this project will be dependent upon receiving financial assistance from Municipal, Federal and provincial levels of Government. Of equal importance is the requirement for significant contributions from the residents of Mildmay and surrounding areas.

The estimated cost of the renovation is $800,000.00. It is anticipated that this fundraising campaign will be required to raise a significant portion of this total cost.

5. The Fundraising Campaign
The town of Mildmay has had a successful history of taking on capital campaigns. Most recently, the Mildmay Medical Clinic was built with fundraising efforts in 2007. Committee members are optimistic our generous community will rise to the occasion once again to ensure the project is a success.

The campaign received a kick start with a generous donation of $124,000.00 from the Mildmay-Carrick Homecoming Committee, raised from the reunion celebration held in 2013. The campaign has just recently received a further $30,000.00 from the Trillium Mutual ROOTS Community Fund.

A public fundraising raffle has been initiated, and is being sponsored by the Mildmay Rotary Club. The Fundraising Committee will be hosting a New Year’s Eve Dance this year, followed by an Irish Pub Night scheduled for March 17, 2017 with all proceeds going towards the project.

6. Conclusion – Why Should You Donate?
We live in a beautiful town, one highly worthy of investment. The MCRC renovation is an investment in your community’s future. Your valuable gift, large or small will make a difference. We ask for your help and support in ensuring the success of this project for our community.

If you’re interested donating or joining the dedicated volunteers on the Fundraising Committee, please contact;

  • Brian Durrer 519-901-0707
  • Kelly Fotheringham 519-367-2742
  • Paula Culbert 519-367-5677
  • Katie Weishar 519-367-2065
  • Morris Schmalz 519-367-5403

Click below to view the architectural drawings for the Mildmay Recreation Complex Renovation!

  Mildway-Carrick Renovation Project (161.4 KiB)

  MCRC Lobby Renovation - Lower (154.0 KiB)

  MCRC Lobby Renovation - Upper (128.9 KiB)