From the Teeswater Town Hall Renovation Project Committee:

Thank you for attending our annual Remembrance Day Service.  In the beginning it was the intention of the Town Hall Steering Committee to have the fire code upgrades completed in time for the service, our goal now is early February.   Special appreciation to Tiffin Funeral Home for hosting today.Thank you for attending our annual Remembrance Day Service.  In the beginning it was the intention of the Town Hall Steering Committee to have the fire code upgrades completed in time for the service, our goal now is early February.   Special appreciation to Tiffin Funeral Home for hosting today.We want to provide you with some background information as well as a timeline on the progress of the Committee during 2017.

Over the last 10 years there has been about $300,000 put into the hall. A lift was added to take patrons with mobility issues up to the concert hall.  Also a kitchen renovation was completed to aid in catering small events.

In 2016 the operating cost of the hall for the municipality was less than $2000!

Here is a brief summary of the timeline. All the dates are referenced in greater detail on the South web site for details on motions and voting.

Jan 10 – Chief Lobsinger expressed substantial risk to the public due to the lack of fire separation and issued a second fire order with additional fire code violations identified.  A deadline of March 31st was set to close the building if the repairs were not complete.
-A Life Safety Study was requested by council to provide an assessment of the scope of work required to comply.
-Temporary safety measures were implemented to keep the facility open to the public.

Apr 11 -Due to safety concerns, council instruct no facility rentals would be accepted past June 1st.  Temporary safety measures (fire watch) remained in effect until this point.

Apr 18 -A public meeting was held to inform the public on the current situation and gauge the community’s support for proceeding with the required upgrades.-Council stated community raised dollars are required to cover the costs of the upgrades require to comply with the violations.

Apr 25 – Code violations addressed by council.
– Council approves the hire of a structural engineer to confirm there are no structural issues and address the bulge in east wall.
– Council approves a designated substance audit to identify any hazardous materials within the facility.
– Terms of reference laid out for a project committee were drafted with a mandate to provide advice and recommendations to council relating to the upgrades and conduct community fundraising initiatives to support the financial aspects of the project.

May 2 – Project Committee is formed, Mike McDonagh – Council Rep, Laura Christen – Recreation Facilities Manager, Gary Ballagh Project Chair, Steve Tiffin Project Vice-chair, Diane Wall, Diane Foxton, Julia MacDonald, Lucy Darcy, Jan McKague- Weishar, former Town Hall Committee members Brenda Wilton and Jane McQuarrie and Mayor Bob Buckle.The committee has held meetings on May 11, May 26, May 29, June 13, June 26, July 4, July 18, Aug 8, Aug 28, Sept 5, Sept 6, Sept 11, Sept 14, Sept 28, Oct 17 and Nov 2.  Minutes are on the South Bruce website.

May 9 -Council approved Project Committee terms of reference.

June 27 – delegation to council.
– seeking approval to move forward.
– Council instruct RFM Laura to get engineer to sign off on entire structure, not just the bulge.
– Phase One deliverables presented and given go ahead.
– Council approves using $22,000 from the Nuclear Waste Management Community Well Being Fund towards the upgrades.

July 25 – Allan Avis Architects are awarded the contract to provide the general review services for the project. 
– Council grants permission to establish a bank account to facilitate donations so all dollars raised get deposited directly to the project. 

Aug 8 – Engineer Larry Walton signs off on entire structure stating it is sound. Project can proceed.

Aug 26 – Fall Fair, set up table for donations and $2,786 collected.

Sept 12 – Council accepts the steering committee recommendations from the engineer to proceed with the following
– one damaged truss in attic, eaves trough, and a couple of smaller items will be fixed as project moves forward.
– Council accepts single source for construction with John Sutton and Dan Schiestel as they are local and familiar with the project. They will also work with qualified volunteers to potentially reduce the costs.
– Live knob and tube wiring was identified within the Town Hall.

Sept 17 – Barn Dance fundraiser.
– Excellent turn out, beyond our expectations raised $5081.

Sept 28 – Council instructs RFM Laura to check with insurance provider regarding the knob and tube.

Construction Next Steps:
1. Remove paper from ceiling in basement
2. Receive permit from the Municipality (Nov. 2017)
3. Request for Quote/ Tender for Electrician
4. Request for Quote Mason for Block Wall around Boiler
5. Request for Quote for a Plumber
6. Award the jobs to an electrician, mason & plumber
7. Purchase materials (9 doors, access panel, drywall, lumber etc.)
8. Construction

Upcoming Fundraising Events:

  • Nov 15 – South Bruce Coffee Party – Boomer’s, Gay Lea, Harley’s & Sandy’s THANKS!! – All coffee sales on that day will be donated to be Town Hall!
  • Dec 2 – 9th – Door to door canvassing
  • Ongoing – 2018 Cash Calendar Sales in cooperation with the Teeswater Agriculture Society and Curling Club

We thank you for your interest in the Teeswater Town hall, the only concert style venue in our Municipality.  If you have any questions or wish to contribute to this project, please contact one of the committee member,visit our Facebook page or email