The 2019 Old Boys Executive invites you to an exciting weekend at home for the 2019 Teeswater and Culross Old Boys and Girls Reunion – Together Again!

Whether you were born in Teeswater Culross or just a casual visitor if you are in Teeswater on the 2019 Civic Holiday weekend you will be a part of the Old Boys Club!

The Reunion celebrations date back to the early 1900’s when the town organized an Old Boys Reunion – the first of many – in 1905. It was such a success that it was decided that such an event should be held in ten years. However, in 1915, it was decided that the event would be postponed until after the war. In 1919, the Old Boys Reunion took place and has been held every ten years since that time.

While the specific events of each Reunion weekend have differed from year to year, a number of events including dances, school reunions, concerts, sporting events and parades have remained as mainstays on the Reunion agenda. The 2019 Committee looks forward to continuing with a number of traditional Reunion events and adding new opportunities for current and past residents to be Together Again.

For more information on the 2019 Teeswater Homecoming visit the Homecoming website at or follow us on Facebook!