By: Rhonda Niesen

Looking for a safe place where you can just be you, free of judgement and free to express yourself?  Studio 410 in Teeswater may just be the place for you!  South Bruce Tourism committee got the pleasure of meeting two very enthusiastic and energetic business owners & sisters Devan & Paige Ballagh as they gave us a tour of their multi-faceted business.

Our evening was full of entertainment! We started by receiving a first hand demonstration of step dancing, a flexibility class and then a YogaFLIGHT showcase, which is new to Studio 410.  What is YogaFLIGHT you say?  Think back to when you were a young child and you were playing airplane by floating in mid air on the base of another’s feet – YogaFLIGHT takes us back to our childhood roots.  The instructors of YogaFLIGHT, Sky and Slade, gave us a demonstration – afterwards Cathy Kirk (Essentially Lavender owner) stepped up to the plate and gave it a try! They made it look so effortless. Slade explained it was all about breathing, balance, trust and communication. YogaFLIGHT is for anybody and any body.

During our tour, we also got to view Music Room A, where you can learn to play piano, harp, guitar, fiddle, vocal lessons and song writing.  Then onto Music Room B, where you can also learn drums.  This room is sound proof as it used to be the vault in the former Germania Insurance Building.  Through the 3 seasons, they have taught all ages and found a lot of local gems. Their DanceWorks program, Musical Theatre Company program and weekly music lessons continue to offer programs and classes for ALL ages! The student roster consists of clients ages 3 – 83! Keep an eye out for this year’s production, Shrek the Musical Jr. starring all local talent!

Lastly, onto the Functional Movement Gym in the lower floor of the building.  Here they host a 24/7 hour gym that has a separate entrance via key cards.  Devan is a Functional Movement Specialist and focuses on getting back to the major movements we were born to be able to execute with ease. sometimes we may have limited movements due to injuries, our jobs, surgeries etc. and the FMS training at the studio prescribes corrective exercises to help you “re-pattern” your body movements to a more healthful state. Studio 410’s gym aims to get you focused on functional movements that require you to learn how to move your own body weight through space. They have a scoreboard wall where you can record your personal best for encouragement for yourself and for others.  They also offer personal training, 19 fitness classes, program design, lifestyle coaching and seasonal events, like their StrongFit games. Fitness is not only limited to adults.  Studio 410 offers “Kids Barbell” for school aged children. They also offer lifestyle coaching and you can follow their Blogs, Facebook Page and website for various recipes and fitness advice.  New to Studio 410, they have now added Message Therapy, Reiki, and Reflexology to their realm of services.

Devan and Paige explained how they were not sure if their dreams were going to get off the ground and open this business as they had a few set backs that they were hoping were not “signs”.  They purchased their current piano from church basement in Brantford off of Kijiji and when they got it moved here they realized that the hammers were stripped and all the keys were jammed and therefore the piano did not play music.  However, after some repairs they got it up and running.  They also told us how they purchased 27 A frame mirrors and during travel, only 6 mirrors survived the trip! What do you do with all this broken glass? Make creative art pieces for the studio is what Devan and Paige did!  They overcame all of these ‘signs’ and have now with year 3 years behind them and with 15 staff members that support them – I would say that is the definition of success!

Devan and Paige finished the evening by explaining where they came up with their business name, Studio 410. It comes from one of their favourite scriptures, 1 Peter 4:10: “Each of you must use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms”. Their logo – the 4 squares that represent their 4 values:  Provide a Safe Haven; Beauty of Self Expression; Hope in the Ripple Effect; and Remain True to Our Roots.

South Bruce Tourism Committee would like to thank Devan and Paige for taking the time to show us all the creative avenues that are available at Studio 410 in Teeswater at 28 Clinton Street South!  If you would like to be a part of the South Bruce Tourism Committee, we meet the 1st Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm.  Please contact Rhonda Niesen for more information at or call 519-392-6623.