Oxy Acetylene Welding For Dummies

Oxy Acetylene Welding and Reducing Materials

Oxy-acetylene welding is an autogenous welding procedure, in which two components of the very same or various sheets of steel are joined by causing the sides to melt as well as unify while molten without the aid of working or compression. When trendy, the components will certainly create one whole piece of steel.
The oxy-acetylene fire is made by mixing oxygen and acetylene gases in a special soldering iron or blowpipe, producing, when melted, a warm of 6,300 degrees, which is more than two times the melting temperature level of one of the most common metals. This fire, while being of intense heat, is of extremely small dimension.

Oxy Acetylene Reducing

The process of reducing metals with the oxy-acetylene fire created from oxygen and also acetylene depends on the fact that a jet of oxygen directed upon hot steel triggers the metal itself to burn away with fantastic rapidity, causing a slim slot with the area cut. The activity is so fast that metal is not harmed on either side of the cut.

Carbon Elimination Process

This process depends on the truth that carbon will certainly burn as well as virtually totally disappear if the action is aided by a supply of pure oxygen gas. After the burning is begun with any hassle-free flame, it continues as long as carbon continues to be in the path of the jet of oxygen. Go Now


For the efficiency of the above operations we require both gases, oxygen as well as acetylene, to produce the flames; poles of metal which might be added to the joints while molten to provide the weld sufficient stamina as well as proper form, as well as different chemical powders, called fluxes, which help in the circulation of metal as well as in getting rid of most of the contaminations as well as other undesirable functions.

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