Have you been wondering what has happened since the March meeting in Formosa inviting businesses and those with interests in the Municipality of South Bruce? An interim committee was formed to set down the foundation for a new group to be established to help bridge the gaps in the existing structures and to offer more benefits to those who live and work within the Municipality. The goal is to be prepared to hold a first General Meeting open to the public in September, 2012.

First and foremost, it has been repeatedly stressed that there is great respect for the current groups operating in the area and that there is no desire to step on toes. However, time moves on and the world evolves, requiring us to change to continue to grow and thrive. This is the premise on which the new association is being formed, specifically, power in numbers.

Monthly meetings have been taking place with the interim committee. A name has been chosen. The new entity will be the South Bruce Community and Business Association (SBCBA). A Mission Statement has been adopted as follows: The SBCBA is a group of community-minded citizens dedicated to business promotion and economic development within the Municipality of South Bruce.

The following goals and objectives have been adopted:

  • To strive for an environment where various sectors can meet in a respectful and supportive atmosphere to promote a cooperative and holistic approach to planning, organizing, delivering and reviewing of services and resources throughout the municipality.
  • To be inclusive of all sectors within the municipality whether public, private, commercial, industrial, agricultural, service or not-for-profit.
  • To strive for fairness and effective management of resources within the municipality to encourage and facilitate harmony, growth and quality of life for its constituents and economic base.

Bylaws have been drafted in preparation for the elected committee to move forward as soon as possible following the September General Meeting. Elections will take place to form the council of the new association. Membership fees will be adopted with a sliding scale determined by the elected council. The benefits that have been discussed as those desired are: lobbying power; networking within the municipality; development and information on how to locate reference materials and a business directory; coordinated training and education opportunities.

You are invited to attend the first General Meeting of the South Bruce Community and Business Association. The time and place will be announced when details are finalized. Watch for updates in the Mildmay Crier, the Teeswater Community Calendar, online at teeswater.ca and southbrucetourism.org. For more information contact Les Nichols at lnichols@wightman.ca.