One of the sweetest scents of Spring in South Bruce is lavender wafting over fresh cut hayfields!

If you are noticing an extra appealing scent of lavender near Formosa chances are you are getting close to Essentially Lavender!

Essentially Lavender began when the owners, Bill and Cathy Kirk, purchased a beautiful farm in Bruce County in 2012 featuring rolling hills, pastures, woodlots, a pond and a river.

The farm was originally settled in 1869 and has evolved with various crops and creatures, the most recent being horses, sheep, cattle and elk. The newest evolution is, of course, lavender and bees.

Looking for a new challenge and a change in lifestyle, Bill and Cathy continue to work to create an oasis where you can come and relax in the luxury of lavender while enjoying a country setting.

Essentially Lavender offers a wide variety of lavender based products, from essential oils to body creams, even a sports spray! And for those wanting a more hands-on experience Essentially Lavender offers self-guided and guided farm tours!

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… or follow your nose!

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