geocacherSpringtime and I am itchy to get out and hike, bike and geocache. I just don’t like the muck and mud too much. I hate that my vehicle gets so dirty inside and out. I don’t like that I have to towel down my geodog for a half hour before loading her for home. I feel guilty because it’s my hubby who does most of the car cleaning! But the rain has stopped and, well, it’s just that I can hardly help myself…
You Might Be a Geocacher if:
– You belong to one or more Facebook groups dedicated to geocaching, (there’s even a group for those who ‘suck’ at it)
– You know what the word coimetromania is and how it might describe you and fellow cachers
– When you are shopping you just have to have a look at plastic snap lid containers and colourful ductape for deals
– You now look at landscapes a bit differently. When you’re out for a drive with your ‘muggle’ you either want to stop and look for a cache ‘seeing as we’re so close by’ or else you point out the spots where you have found caches or should hide one. You are ignorant to their non-geocachers’ eye rolls and heavy sighs.
– The briefest or dreamyest talks of holliday destinations cause you to search the website for interesting caches there, (awesome way to discover historic places and scenic views).
– You watch YouTube geocaching videos, (there are hundreds), instead of repeats of Sex in the City.
– You own at least one handheld GPS and have the app on your smartphone as well.
– Darn near every purse and coat pocket you have ever worn has a pen and one or two AA batteries shoved in.
– You meet people named Pooky Owl or LinconLady and think they’re nice, normal folks, (they are, but I may never remember their real names). You even look for familiar nicknames signed up for special geocaching events. Cachers are quite friendly, we’re certainly ‘outdoorsy’.
– You own a backpack for the ‘all-day caching getaway’ and a small pouch for tossing into your pocket when you rush out the door for one new cache and FTF, (First to Find), bragging rights.
– You acutally leave your coffee on the table and rush out the door for an FTF. You may also endevor to set and reach goals and milestones, (ie. one find per day for a whole year, at least one find per county),… though these stats are on-line, as in virtual, and have no monetary value.
– You have a collection of well-scrubbed, empty peanut butter jars, pill bottles and small candy tins in the garage.
If you wonder if geocaching is something you’d enjoy with your family and friends, ‘rent’ a hand-held GPS and geocaching kit from any Bruce County Public Library or Health Unit.