(Lynne Frank is South Bruce Tourism Committee’s resident geocaching guru – ed.)

The weather had been, well, just like late October in Bruce County often is – cool and rainy! My schedule mainly revolves around work and my busy family. I was feeling a bit ‘blah’ and wanted to do a little something for myself. The Crier and the Community Calendar both advertised that on November 15, all the coffee sales at 4 restaurants, (two each in Teeswater and Mildmay), would be donated to the Teeswater Town Hall renovations. A little lightbulb flashed in my brain and I decided to host a coffee party too – for geocachers.

In short order, I had picked that date, a start time, an end time and a venue. On the geocaching.com website I wrote up this new “event cache” invitation. There were some edits, and a tight deadline, but the cache got posted quickly. Number one rule is that attendees are not to be obliged to purchase anything. I could not write “COME EAT At JOE’S” anywhere in the description. It was ok to title the event “Coffee Party” and to offer the first to arrive a beverage of their choice,…even if that meant waiting till 11am! I also could not write anything about fund-raising.

The gps co-ordinates I posted lead to the front steps of the restaurant closest to my home, and is shown on google maps. The www.geocaching.com website is free to join, by the way. Anyone can borrow a handheld gps package from a Bruce County library for free.

What happened then was that other geocachers read about the coffee party and added their names to the ‘will attend’ list. To date, I knew three couples and myself would show – maybe. There is no obligation to follow through. On November 15, around 10:30 am, four couples showed up! One pair used the event as a stop-off en route from London to Tiverton. I knew some of the attendees or at least recognized their caching names. We had a nice visit, ate some breakfast, talked a bit about caching and a lot about the fund-raiser. Some of us even drank coffee. We should do this more often, winter’s coming!

(Group photo by Amy Giles)