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Experience the Four Seasons of South Bruce Municipality


hikerFor a short walk take a leisurely stroll along the main streets of Formosa, Teeswater and Mildmay.

Formosa’s hill at the north-end is worth the climb and at its crest one can see for miles. You will also view the façade of the 1870s Gothic styled Roman Catholic ‘Immaculate Conception Church’, dubbed the Cathedral of the North. Immaculate Conception Church was the setting for Jane Urquhart’s famous novel ‘The Stone Carvers’.

Teeswater’s promenade boasts a central Kinsmen’s Courtyard and two public historical buildings – the Carnegie Library and historic Teeswater Town Hall circa 1869 (washrooms available here). At the library, during the summer, you can drink from Leo the Lion’s head – also see Geo-cache activities.

Mildmay’s main street is a picturesque setting. Of note is an early stone Hotel at the North-end. The village’s cobblestone sidewalks, lamps, flower boxes and trees surrender a wholesome and friendly appeal.

The three villages also offer park like strolls – bring your camera!

The Formosa Lion’s Park’ vehicle entrance is located on Council Rd. east. It has washroom facilities, a playground and a scenic trail along the Formosa Creek to the limestone reef beyond.

Teeswater’s Agricultural Park can be found at the entrance off Marcy St. east of its Main St. The large park incorporates a large leveled horse track you can walk or push a stroller about, shady rest areas and a playground for the smaller ones.

Mildmay has two parks. The Lion’s “Wilderness Park” on Absalom St. west off the main intersection, meanders through a wooded section that was once a former mill site. View a plaque and picture of the former mill, rest upon its relic base then continue across the footbridge. The second park is the “Rotary Park”, at the north-end of the village on Hwy. 9.It offers a helping of Mildmay’s pure spring water, picnic facilities, ponds with geese, footbridges cross the Otter Creek and a playground and washroom facilities.

If you are looking for a more adventurous or challenging jaunt check out our geocache and biking trails sections.

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