By Lynne Frank:

winter-geocachingWinter is here! I like to snow shoe, XC Ski and snowmobile. Any of those activities will take you onto trails, through woods and on quiet side-roads… Why not do a little geocaching while you’re at it?! Here are a few tips.

It’s cold out! Remember the batteries may not last as long as usual. You may need to bring something to dig with. Dress accordingly,…there may be hidden muddy or wet spots under the snow. I recommend checking the website for caches that have been found recently. Read what others have to say about that one. Read the description and hint to figure out if that cache is close to the ground, (under the snow among tree roots), or maybe at eye-level, (hanging from a tree branch or fence post), where there’s a better chance of getting to it! Be prepared to do more walking or snow-shoeing as some caches are on ‘No Winter Maintenance’ roadways. Don’t risk getting your vehicle stuck. If you’re on a snowmobile don’t go off-trail please, (graveyards, winter wheat-planted fields)!

If you prefer to stay cozy and wait till spring, you can still enjoy some caching-related activities this winter. February 2, Ground Hog Day, there are a few ‘meet & greet’ events within a hours’ drive. This is a great opportunity for cachers to swap stories and tips,… and make new friends! March 13 is Pi Day and there are events happening for geocachers then too! Pi Day? Oh, go to the website and click on ‘events’ calendar. You’ll figure it out! I recommend going onto Facebook and joining a geocaching group. Any of the events you see posted are organized by geocachers for geocachers and ‘newbies’ who would just like to try it.

I will be planning an Introduction to Geocaching sometime in May at the Teeswater Public Library.

Ok, back briefly to the topic of snowmobiling,…Check out the OFSC website at There are many kilometres of groomed trails running through South Bruce! There are warm-up shacks and restaurants near trails throughout the area. Your machine must have a 2015 permit, plates and insurance.

Family Day is Monday February 16. OFSC usually offers a special trail permit for the whole weekend to encourage parents to bundle up their children and go sledding! This is great for sled owners and visitors who didn’t spend on a permit for the whole season. You can also check with snowmobile dealers about renting. No drinking and driving! Snowmobiling is a great way to get out and enjoy the season and scenery. Bring a camera!